Roscommon Hospital Operating Theatres

Refurbishment To Operating Theatres Roscommon Hospital

Roscommon Hospital has two operating theatres both in the same area sharing corridors and services. The works were for both to be refurbished with demolitions, new flooring, wall coverings, electrical and mechanical fittings and services. Works to the adjoining corridor and anti-rooms.

The works had to allow for the fact that one of the operating theatres was to remain in operation at any one time. This severely restricted the methodology for the works and involved a great deal of co-operation between TCSL and the HSE operating theatre staff with a view to completing the works within the programme but ensuring that our works in no way interfered with any scheduled operations or indeed any emergency operations.

This was completed in two separate stages which allowed for one theatre to remain operational with no infection danger or disruption from noise. Both were upgraded to current medical specifications. Elements included air handling, electrical, flooring, wall coverings, sanitary ware and specialist equipment. -€1.5 million ex. VAT