General Statement Of Policy & Commitment

Quality, Health and Safety & Environmental Policy T. Connolly & Sons Ltd


T Connolly & Sons Ltd has established a Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, and Environmental Management System in order to:

  • Assist in compliance with legislation
  • Continually improve quality, occupational health & safety and environmental performance to fulfil customer needs and requirements
  • Prevent pollution accidents and ill health.

Management has defined, documented and demonstrated its responsibilities, involvement and commitment by:

  • Establishing a quality, occupational health & safety and environmental management system including policy
  • Ensuring the availability of necessary resources
  • Performing management reviews
  • Ensuring that concerned personnel are fully aware of their health, safety and environmental responsibilities and customer needs and requirements.


Commitment and Policy


When T Connolly & Sons Ltd Construction undertakes the role of carrying out construction or civils projects we have additional responsibilities for the management of the projects.

The Company defines clearly the following in the combined Policy document:

  • Our commitment to continual improvement in quality, occupational health & safety and environmental performance
  • Relevant client goals and needs
  • A framework for setting out and complying with quality, occupational health & safety and environmental objectives and targets
  • We promote a commitment from all levels of the organisation to the prevention of pollution, Compliance with current applicable legislation and other requirements and a process of continual improvement and customer satisfaction and confidence.


This Policy has been distributed to all employees and is on display at public locations throughout the facility. Employees have been made aware of their obligations. It shall be reviewed for continued relevance at management review meetings and amended if the organisational goals, regulatory requirements or customer expectations change. We ensure that the Policy is understood by all employees and that it is also circulated to outside agencies (such as suppliers, customers, regulatory and public bodies) where appropriate. The intention is to continually improve quality, occupational health & safety and environmental performance through the use of a documented management system. The Group Policy Document has been approved by the senior management team of T Connolly & Sons Ltd Construction.